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Risk Management 101: Insure and Protect (Part 2)

Kristi A. Davidson

By Kristi Davidson In November, we introduced the concept of product liability, explaining that anyone in the design, manufacturing or distribution chain is exposed to the risk of liability for design defects, manufacturing or production flaws, or inadequate warnings. In December, we considered one way to shift this risk to others in that stream. ThisMore »

The Aftermath of DOMA: Sales Boon, HR Burden?

Kristi A. Davidson

The day before I sat down to write this month’s column, the U.S. Supreme Court announced two highly anticipated and hotly debated decisions: Hollingsworth v. Perry and United States v. Windsor. In Hollingsworth, the Supreme Court declined to decide whether to reverse the California courts’ rulings that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional because its proponents lackedMore »

Counterfeiting: Not a Victimless Crime

Kristi A. Davidson

Have you ever walked down the street and done a double-take because you’ve seen your product being sold under someone else’s name? This problem is not limited to street carts or the underground network lining Canal Street in New York City. We have assisted clients stunned by “reputable” companies copying their design and distributing knock-offsMore »